It isn’t necessary to update a caravan panel when it turns into damaged. it can be repaired to appearance as desirable as new and at a fraction of the fee of a brand new panel. the following recommendation is directed at caravan flat panel upkeep. regrettably, caravan textured panel repairs can best be undertaken using specialist gadget.

the first degree of the caravan panel repair is to prepare the damaged location. With a block and eighty grit paper sand across the damaged location. Spotrepairs Take care to sand in more than one directions. this can monitor in addition excessive and occasional spots across the dent. regularly the broken location is bigger than what it first appears. excessive spots will display themselves as smooth areas. Low spots will display the present paintwork.

mix together some car filler and hardener (on the ratio of a golfing ball to the scale of a pea) and easy into and across the broken location. dirt spray over the area using black aerosol paint. allow to dry for a few minutes. The black paint highlights any low spots during sanding.

using a block and eighty grit paper sand in more than one directions over the filled location. paintings around the edges to feather the filler into the undamaged area. Do not sand one place for too lengthy as this simply removes filler. This exercising will spotlight any areas that are nevertheless low. Skim filler over the location once more and repeat the technique as generally as is vital until low regions are delivered returned to the level of the relaxation of the panel. preserve making use of manual coats with black aerosol paint to help the sanding manner. make certain that the filler feathers absolutely into undamaged regions everywhere in the broken region.

Use a six inch detail sander with a hundred and eighty grit paper to over the region to dispose of the eighty git scratches. This sanded location can be up to two inches larger all around the location to ensure all of the scratches are eliminated. Repeat the method with 320 grit paper. This place may be every other 2 inches bigger all around to eliminate all of the one hundred eighty scratches. in the end cross over the vicinity again, plus an extra 2 inches all around, with pink scotch to put off the 320 grit scratches.

The caravan flat panel repair is now equipped for priming and portray. masks off the region around the restore. Spray the first coat of primer simply over the affected area and permit to dry for a few minutes. Spray the second one coat over a barely large vicinity, and the third coat over a barely larger vicinity still. Spray over the location with black aerosol paint and look forward to it to dry.

Rub over the primed place using four hundred grit moist and dry paper. this could spotlight any low spots. Feather the primer into the present paintwork at the rims of the restore. Do now not depart any difficult edges. If necessary respray the place to make sure all excessive and occasional spots have been evened out. pass over the entire place this is to be painted with grey scotch to do away with any four hundred scratches and put together the present paintwork for brand spanking new paint.