main shaver professionals, BIC found out a cutting-edge 4-blade disposable male shaver to the marketplace – BIC consolation four. this is a brand new addition in its variety of disposable razors that are quite value powerful in comparison to everyday razors with disposable blades. the brand new range of disposable shavers are extraordinarily excessive great and provide a miles higher shave than the reasonably-priced ones available at the corner save.

the new BIC comfort comes with a strong manage that’s quite heavy in comparison to everyday disposable razors. BIC’s new disposable razors experience¬†bulk razors wholesale almost the identical weight as the refillable razors. The plastic used at the cope with is of suitable first-class reinforced plastic which does no longer become slippery when wet. furthermore, the thick rubber protect makes it less difficult to handle and manoeuvre in hard regions.

BIC disposable razors are available a percent of 3 and feature 4 spring set up blades to offer a finer shaving enjoy. three blades on the razor are set up on a pivoted head to help provide for a more in-depth shave. despite the fact that, a few people might not discover the head to be as pivoting as marketed; but, the razors virtually give a pleasant shave with none cuts.

apart from its sharp razor blades the Aloe Vera strip at the razor head helps to prevent the pores and skin from drying after the shave. This facilitates to offer for a wholesome and smooth shaved pores and skin. this is specifically correct for people with extremely sensitive skin.

“The release of BIC comfort fills a gap in the marketplace and will add price to the disposable category as purchasers increasingly more look to trade as much as a greater variety of blades. thanks to BIC’s advanced era, BIC consolation 4 offers a market main shave that competes favourably on rate towards leading shaver systems,” says Jay Banerjee, marketing supervisor and BIC shavers. BIC consolation 4 shavers are available in sleek orange and gray packaging and priced at $7.00.

Disposable razors account for almost 70 percent of the wet-shave marketplace in extent terms but account for best 30 percent of in terms of monetary price. The razor enterprise accounts for $6 billion sales every 12 months of which the French shaver organization BIC has been a frontrunner in disposable razor marketplace. Schick and Gillette are the alternative two most important competition of BIC. BIC has been expanding within the distant places markets as well to capture a bigger international market proportion. It intends to invest $four million in Brazil to strengthen income of its disposable razors. It presently owns 30 percentage marketplace share with six hundred million devices sold annually. inside the US marketplace, it bills for the eleven percentage market percentage in phrases of sales and 22.6 percent market proportion in phrases of unit extent.

BIC has been liked and cherished world over for its excellent products and their affordability. They began to supply shavers long back in 1975 once they had developed and started out generating one piece shavers. due to the fact then BIC merchandise have developed over the period and in 90’s they came out with twin blade designs. Later in 2003, BIC added its three-blade BIC consolation. over the years, company has sold hundreds of thousands of razors and were one of the dominating organizations within the shaving marketplace. they’ve a wide range of razors for both males and females to satisfy their various wishes.