Kathy — “true night. that is Kathy Cupcake from WPNS with this past due-breaking information tale. In every other case of Penis expansion long past Wild, some other lady has fallen victim to an excessively massive penis size. Peter Sizemore is now, live, on the scene, to present us the shocking info. Over to you, Peter:”

Peter — “thank you, Kathy. folks, it’s another case of Penis enlargement evidently brought about shock (PENIS) i’m afraid. it’s the identical vintage story: woman meets man, man meets woman, they date a few times, and finally head of to the bedroom. regrettably, that is any other case in which a person, who has enlarged his penis to big proportions, has failed to tell his girlfriend what was in save for her and the effects are truely devastating. in this instance, Kenya Breaking News poor Suzy Wantall became the modern day victim in the endless circulation of PENIS cases which have taken the u . s . by using marvel. since penis expansion has grow to be such an considerable fad we… Wait! preserve on, here comes the poor girl now, being wheeled out on a stretcher with oxygen!”

Peter — “Suzy! Excuse me! Suzy, Suzy Wantall… i’m Peter Sizemore from WPNS, do you mind if I ask you some questions for the target market at home; can you tell us what passed off…? are you able to describe the occasions that occurred…? How do you sense; are you okay?”

Suzy — “Yeah, well, i am nevertheless groggy and still a piece shocked. just have a look at my hands, they’re nonetheless shaking. you realize, Richard appeared like this type of regular and average kind of man, you understand what I imply, he simply appeared like such a pleasing man… I by no means anticipated him to be as, you realize.. large, I suggest surely massive like that… I mean he changed into large… scary huge… and i need to admit… I simply wasn’t geared up for it. , I simply wasn’t prepared… while he undid his pants, it changed into like this large anaconda was being released into the room… when he unleashed that huge component… I… I… I… I just wasn’t equipped for it, I mean, I didn’t know what to do and, you already know, i’m just fearful of snakes; and i began to feel light headed and it felt like this cloud become dashing to my head, I commenced feeling dizzy, and then, you understand, it’s all I recollect, I guess I just surpassed out…”

Peter — “we’re sorry to listen that Suzy, we truely are. Is there something else you could add to what passed off?”

Suzy — “nicely, yeah, you understand, ladies, you want to be cautious available. i am extreme. If you can, ask round and find it out if a guy’s been doing those penis workout matters or not, because, , probabilities are in case you’re now not organized for what you’ll see… nicely, you are… you will wind up much like me….”

Peter — “thanks, Suzy, one greater query, in case you do not mind: What passed off to this guy, what did you are saying his name turned into, Richard?”

Suzy — “Yeah, Richard. i’m no longer sure what befell to him, you realize. I although I heard someone say my father determined him and became chasing after him like he turned into going to kill him. proper now… I do not know wherein he’s, but, you realize, i am simply afraid for his life.”

Peter — “Are you going to press PENIS prices in opposition to him?”

Suzy — “Oh Peter, oh no, oh no! i’m hoping he presses them towards me! i am demise to peer him once more, in truth I can not in all likelihood wait to peer him again. Now that i’m over the preliminary surprise of it all, I certainly need to connect to him again; you recognize, i am hoping my dad understands… Wait, wait… Wait a minute… maintain on… Becky…? Becky is which you… Richard? Wait! wherein are you going! There he’s with my sister! Wait! Wait! don’t run off! She’s stealing my boyfriend!!! Richard, you son of a b…”