A Google Sitemap (“GS” for brief) permit Google’s GoogleBot spider to easily recognise what to index in your website. It is basically a text record that lists the net addresses of all of the pages in your internet site. while Google’s GoogleBot spider reads this listing, it then knows about all the ones webpages which can be detailed in the GS. exclusive codecs are supported: text sitemaps and XML sitemaps. both formats comprise the addresses of all of the webpages in your internet site. The XML version includes additional information about every web site which includes its remaining modification date and about how regularly it’s far up to date.

How Does a Google Sitemap assist Me?

within the absence of a GS file, the GoogleBot spider downloads a webpage from your website and scans via the GS searching out any hyperlinks that it incorporates to different webpages for your internet site. Google’s GoogleBot spider then downloads all the ones newly observed pages and repeats the process of scanning for hyperlinks. It takes quite a few time to down load and test via pages. if you have a GS, google reverse index the GoogleBot spider straight away knows approximately all of the webpages on your internet site. analyzing it’s miles drastically quicker than having to down load and test every web page. A GS also helps if your webpages aren’t nicely connected collectively or under no circumstances. in that case, without a GS, it can take a while for a few webpages to be located or observed in any respect. if you have a GS, that problem is removed.

Does Google.com Index the entirety?

No, Google won’t index the entirety which you specify. Google.com states, “we cannot guarantee that URLs out of your Sitemap will be delivered to the Google index.” even though Google.com does now not guarantee that it will index the whole lot that you specify on your GS, a GS should increase the possibility that your webpages can be listed faster due to the fact Google will understand about them quicker. If Google does not recognize approximately your webpages, they may now not get listed.

If I Create a Google Sitemap, Will It harm Me?

No, a GS won’t hurt you. Google.com states, “In maximum instances, webmasters will benefit from Sitemap submission, and in no case will you be penalized for it.” Google.com makes use of the statistics contained in your GS to find out about the structure of your internet site and to better agenda its search engine spider inside the scanning (a.ok.a. crawling or spidering) of your website.

How Do I Generate a Google Sitemap?

There are several equipment to be had that you could use to create a GS. Google.com itself even affords a sitemap generator written within the Python programming language. There are also websites wherein you type in your internet site deal with and its spider is going and scans your website to decide all your webpages; however, such scanning is time eating due to the fact that every page in your internet site have to be scanned, and the manner must be initiated by using you. if you want to make the technique run faster or automate it, then use generator software program locally for your internet site.

How am i able to Automate Google Sitemap generation?

developing a GS can be an automatic technique. The only way is to put in and use the sitemap.pl generator software. once you deploy this software program for your cgi-bin directory, the software program will robotically generate the GS file every time the GS report is accessed. This software is of the type whereby you may “set it and forget about it”. you could pass approximately including for your internet site and also you do not ought to worry approximately updating your GS. The software works by scanning your internet site’s difficult drive searching out files to encompass on your GS. due to the fact the tough power is accessed immediately, this software program very quickly generates the GS. The sitemap.pl software runs very fast — it has been clocked at finding over 500 webpages according to second — it’s fast for any generator software.