Upon January 23rd, 2018, We learned for the first time of a assortment of accusation against me. In one day, allegations that I was obviously a predator who took benefit of people through my company dealings were posted within a coordinated pattern across several social media platforms. I have remained silent for over 10 a few months. Some of that was because of legal counsel but mostly because I needed the people who felt I had formed hurt them to have their state. After much introspection, We are now ready to make the subsequent statement.

First and foremost: I have the sincere desire to make points right by anyone who else honestly feels I have harm them. I continue to desire you to contact me or a common friend (as nearly all of people who spoke up are individuals with whom I have had long-held relationships)so we can enter into any dialogue in the hopes that it may cause healing. Wherever the path in order to healing begins, I am existing and ready to begin. Discussing and defending one’s self within this type of situation is extremely hard. I do not want to minimize anyone’s feelings but I must arranged the record straight in order to move on with my life.

To put it simply, the narrative of the assault was:

Jeff Mach is actually allegedly a predator

For that reason he should not be allowed to keep on being part of our community

Consequently , he should give up their businesses, and preferably provide them with to us, his accusers.

The majority of my allegations originate from:

My business competitors

Dissatisfied Ex-Staff

Past intimate spouses

The goal of the attack had not been to have me address any kind of errors or problems, there’s never been any attempt for communication, or mediation, and many certainly no attempt to come to any kind of resolution.


I have not really committed nor even already been accused of sexual attack

There have been no legal issues brought against me

There were no lawsuits brought towards me

Just a continuous knocking attack professing how awful I am, with the insistence which anyone who questions it should be aiding a monster, and it is, therefore , a monster on their own.

I have spent the last more than 20 years serving my community as well as demonstrating my deep dedication to consent and confidence. Literally thousands of people who have went to my events and interacted with me over the years can confirm this. I have, and always will attempt to create a better environment for everybody. So disgusted and so annoyed that, against legal along with other advice, I willingly paid my life’s work to be able to my accusers. I lawfully gave all control and also ownership of my companies over to others, which included the actual Steampunk World’s Fair. With regard to reasons of their own, they made a decision to cancel The Steampunk Planets Fair, even though they were which there was no money to problem refunds.

I am not ideal, like everyone I have created mistakes. I will continue to make errors, but I will also still learn from my mistakes and also grow as a person. Once again, I will always be sorry for anybody I have hurt, knowingly or even unknowingly. But I also realize that the angry factions that worked to take me straight down will not accept apologies; these people never wanted to listen or perhaps talk, just to isolate me personally, leaving me in the dark, after that emerging all at once in a matched attack.