Terran vs. Protoss may be a hard matchup because the Terran player, so we need each gain we are able to get. With warp gates, a Protoss player can amass a massive navy for an early game push that will stomp you into the floor in case you’re not ready for it. here’s a few strategies you can use with ghosts to help you continue to exist and push ahead to take the sport.

An early Ghost Academy in opposition to Protoss gamers can provide you with quite a few useful gear that allows you to live to tell the tale and push out for an clean win. emp protection if you recognition totally on getting marines inside the early game, you will have sufficient gasoline to teach some ghosts and upload them in your army. Ghosts bring a few exceptional talents to the desk, most notably EMP.

The early push by way of a Protoss participant will generally include a mixture of Zealots, Sentries, and Stalkers. how many of every will depend upon the player. Zealots are hard meat shields, sentries will pressure area your get away course, and stalkers will shoot from the again to damage your military quickly.

while you throw a couple ghosts into the mix, a nicely located EMP or can seriously cripple an advancing Protoss military. it will absolutely drain all the affected devices shields, as well as the sentries’ strength so they may not be able to solid any pressure fields. If the Protoss player does not go into reverse or micro well, a small institution of stimmed marines will easily take them out.

as soon as you’ve got the fight defend and stim packs researched you need to circulate out with a marine, medivac & ghost force. frequently you may be capable of easily take the win as long as you could micro your ghosts well and cast EMP as it should be.